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  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
    Ancient Greek Philosophy from 585-250 BC.
  • Greek Philosophy
    A brief overview of Greek philosophy, and philosophers.
  • Hellenistic Philosophy
    A brief overview of Epicureanism, stoicism, and skepticism during Alexander the Great's time.
  • History of Philosophy
    The History of Philosophy, offers a narrative survey of the historical development of Western philosophy.
  • Papers on Philosophy
    Various papers written on philosophy.
  • Perseus Project
    Perseus Project: A very large and high quality resource for philosophy
  • Philosophy Garden
    The philosophy garden: Dedicated to the spirit of life pioneered by Epicurus and Lucretius.
  • Plato Forum
    Plato's discussion Deck: Post your opinion, a link to some of your work, or your thoughts regarding the best books and criticisms concerning Plato.
  • The Greek Philosophy Archive
    Contains information on several ancient Greek philosophers

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