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Terms of use for Greek Spider:

When using Greek Spider, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page.  This page will be occasionally updated, with the valid "Terms of Use" being the most recent update.  

We have no outside control on information that exists on the Internet.  Because we have no control over the Internet we cannot guarantee the accuracy, content or quality of  sites,  and therefore we assume no responsibility if unintended or objectionable content is discovered via Greek Spider.  Furthermore,  the Internet consists of material that is adult-oriented and objectionable to some people,  any sites that may be found via Greek Spider's search facility may be unintentional.  We cannot guarantee that surprises will not occur on the use of the search facility, directory, or guide.

Any material that exists on our site is the sole property of Greek Spider, and may not be copied in any manner without the consent of Greek Spider.  If any material is found objectionable it is not meant as such, nor was ever written to be so.   Greek Spider receives the right to remove any material that unintentionally appears inappropriate.  

By entering Greek Spider you agree that Greek Spider is not liable for any consequences based on material found on the site.

We currently gather no demographic information on users.  However, some information is logged for further information please check

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