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  • Chora Sfakion
    Chora Sfakion: This is small fishing village 10km east of Loutro, in the south of Crete.
  • Crete Island of Sfakia
    Information on the Crete Island of Sfakia.
  • Crete Tour Net: Hora Sfakion
    Hora Sfakion: Hora Sfakion is 72km from Chania on the Chania - Vrises - Hora Sfakion road, and 63km from Rethimnon on the Rethimnon - Armeni - Agios Vasilios - Rodakino - Sfakia road.
  • Excursions form Hora Sfakion
    There are boat excursions from the harbor of Sfakia to the surrounding beaches like Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia, Paliohora and the small island of Gavdos.
  • Hora Sfakion
    Hora Sfakion: The county of Sfakia is one of the most mountainous in Crete and one the most heroic, beautiful and interesting.
  • Sfakia, Crete
    Welcome to Sfakia, Crete: Holidays away from mass tourism.
  • Sfakia-Crete Message Board
    Welcome to the Sfakia-Crete Message Board! Here you can read postings about the beautiful region of Sfakia, Southwest Crete or submit your own question or answer. We wish you a good time!
  • The Samaria Gorge
    SAMARIA GORGE .. Rich in history, spectacular vistas and sunny days, Crete has long been renowned for its agreeable Mediterranean climate that has always been attractive to humankind ..
  • Touring Greece: Samaria
    Pictures of the Gorge of Samaria.

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