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  • About Herakleion
    Herakleion is the largest town in Crete, the capital of the prefecture of Herakleion and the administrative capital of the entire island.
  • Dilos: Knossos
    Knossos: The Minoan Palace of Knossos lies at a distance of 5 km from the town centre of Iraklion along the road to Archanes.
  • Greek Islands: Herakleio
    The Prefecture of Herakleio lies between Mt Psiloritis and the Lasithiotika Mountains and it is the largest administrative division of Crete.
  • The City of Herakleion
    Herakleion City web pages- The city of Heraklion has been the meeting place in the Mediterranean for many civilizations throughout history and has always kept its gates open to welcome people traveling from all over the world.
  • United Hellas: Herakleion
    Prefecture of Herakleion: The third prefecture of Crete is the one of Iraklio ( Heraklion ), located on the east part of the island. It boasts an increased tourist development, due to its famous archaeological sites of Knossos and Festos.

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