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  • Dilos: Symi
    The dodecanese Island of Symi: This is mainly a rocky island, except for its southern part which is covered with pines, mulberries and fruit-bearing trees.
  • Grecian: Symi
    Island of Symi: Symi is a member of the Dodecanese group of islands and lies 24 nautical miles to the north east of Rhodes and 255 miles from Piraeus.
  • Guide to the island of Symi
    Simi is a lovely, picturesque, mountainous small island with desert beaches, at 21 nautical miles from Rhodes.
  • Panormitis Monastery
    10 Kilometers Southwest of the main port of Yialos on the Island of Symi, lies the superb Monastery of Panormitis, which is dedicated to the patron Saint Archangel Michael.
  • Symi Island
    A guide to the island of Symi. The official web site of the municipality of symi.
  • Symi Visitor
    The symi visitor: Your internet guide to Symi.
  • Traveling to Symi
    Travel information for the island of Symi.
  • Traveling to the Island of Symi
    Helios: Symi - Travel guide to the island of Symi.
  • Vacationing in Greece: Symi
    Tourist information for the island of Symi: A lovely, mountainous island, Symi (or Simi) was reputed to be the birthplace of the Three Graces.

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