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Kerkira (Corfu)

  • About Corfu
    Lovely Corfu, green and sun-drenched with its indented shores, a mythical, fascinating island ..
  • Corfu Online
    Corfu Online: Everything about Corfu Island.
  • Corfu Web
    A site which provides information on the island of Corfu.
  • Discovering Corfu
    Welcome to Corfu: Discover the island of Corfu.
  • Greek Islands: Corfu
    General and travel information for the island of Corfu.
  • Kerkira Network
    The complete holiday directory for Corfu island.
  • The Corfu Home Page:
    The Corfu Regional & Tourism Information Site.
  • The Island of Kerkira
    Emerald Island in the Ionian Sea. This site appears in both German and English.
  • Traveling to Corfu
    Corfu: There are many versions concerning the origins of Corfu's name. According to one, the island got its name from the daughter of the river god Asopos, Nymph Korkyra, who was carried away by Poseidon.
  • Vacationing in Greece: Corfu
    Travel information for the island of Corfu: Corfu, the wooded isle of the Phaeacians, Odysseeus' last stop on his long journey home to Ithaca, is the best known of the lonian islands.
  • Welcome to Corfu
    Draped in evergreen with endless beaches and an architectural style that weaves the best from both the West with a touch of the East, Corfu is considered the jewel of the Ionian.

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