Greek Spider: This week in Greek history.

Week of August 6th - August 12th 

August 9th, 1944: Murder of 50 Greeks in Madra, Attiki by the Nazis.

August 10th, 1920: With the signing of the treaty of Sevres, the creation of a Greater Greece containing virtually all Greeks has become a reality. Greece receives western and eastern Thrace up to the outskirts of Constantinople, and jurisdiction of the Smyrna Region for five years. After five years there was to be a vote in the Smyrna Region for union with Greece. This treaty is rejected by the new nationalist government in Turkey which results in a war with Greece. Greece is defeated in this war and results in what is called by Greeks "The Asia Minor disaster". The Asia Minor disaster results in the uprooting and forced expulsion of the Greek populations that have lived in Asian Turkey, and Eastern Thrace for over three thousand years. Hundreds of thousands of Greeks are slaughtered during this time period, including 350 000 in the Pontus region, and 1.5 million Greek refugees arrive in Greece.

August 11th, 1863-1864: Elefterios Venizelos is born in Mournies, Chania, Crete. An important politician in Greek History. He became Prime Minister of Greece in 1910 and served intermittently till 1933, bringing sweeping reforms to Greece. Under his administration he managed to unite Serbia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria against Turkey in the First Balkan War, and Serbia and Greece against Bulgaria in the Second Balkan War. The result of the Balkan Wars was the doubling in size of Greece in both population and area. His government supported the allies in the First World War which resulted in a massive increase in Territory (see above August 10th, 1920), and an eventual loss of the territory gained from Turkey in the First World War as a result of Greece's defeat in 1922.


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