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About Us: 

Greek Spider is a relatively new Greek search engine based in the country of Canada. One of the main aims of the site is  to help unify the 17 million Greeks around the world, and to promote Hellenic culture.  

A strong concern of  Greek Spider is the preservation and promotion of Greek culture and tradition for this reason we are creating the Greek Spider Guide.  It is our aim to make the Guide extensive, a one stop resource to Hellenism on the web!

The release of is intended for all people interested in Greek information.  The primary audience is the over 1 million online Greeks in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada.  With a secondary audience the many millions more who are interested in Greek culture, mythology, history, travel, etc. 

Currently we are receiving approximately 50 000 visitors a month with our visitor count rapidly increasing.  Support from visitors such as yourself is helping this site become one of the largest online Greek communities.  Certainly as can be seen from early visitors to our site the site is rapidly changing.  We have much more to come and to offer!

Our main aims are to:

  • provide fast and easy access to Greek sites throughout the world.
  • become the largest Greek cultural guide on the internet.
  • create a community online uniting Greeks of the diaspora with Greeks in Greece and Cyprus.
  • become the chosen search engine, directory, and guide on Greek information for both Greeks and non-Greeks.
  • become the most powerful Greek search engine through providing the largest number of sites, quality information, as well as a focus on easy use.
  • continually adapt and add more services as the need arises.


 Regional Greek Sites: 

Africa :  South Africa 
Asia & Australia:  Cyprus Australia  
North America :  Canada United States
Europe :  Albania France Germany Greece Italy Luxembourg United Kingdom   

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