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Dimitrios Ypsilantis

The Greek national hero Dimitrios Ypsilantis was the brother of  Alexandros Ypsilantis  another national Greek hero who gave his life in the liberation of Greece.  Alexandros Ypsilantis led an uprising in Moldovlachia to divert the Ottoman Turkish forces to the north, sending his brother Dimitrios to lead an uprising in the south in Greece. 

When Dimitrios arrived in Greece the leader of the Greek uprising was Petrobei Mauromihalis, under the direction of the Peloponnesian Senate.  It was decided that Alexandros Ypsilantis would take control of the uprising until the city of Tripolitsa was captured.  Upon the liberation of Tripolitsa elections would decide who would govern liberated Greece.

Dimitrios was a well respected military man who had served in the Russian Army, he was honest, warm hearted, and patient.  He accepted as cohorts the guerrillas Maurokardato and Negri who had come from Europe to fight in the uprising.  He gave Maurokardato  control of West Central Greece, and Negri he gave control of East Central Greece.

However, the two persons who Ypsilanti trusted most were jealous of him, and in their jealousy did all in their power to cause difficulties for him.  As a result of this bitterness two divisions eventually formed in Greece.  The first division was that of the politicians who supported Negri and Maurokardato, the second was that of the military which supported Ypsilanti.

These two parties were so bitter towards each other that it created difficulty in the uprising.  Eventually the bitterness became so great that it would lead to a civil war in the liberated areas.  There is no doubt that the conflict between the two sides was very negative towards the liberation of Greece.  Where it was necessary for the Greeks to be united they were not, and this only served to strengthen the already strong Turkish positions.

In order to prevent further chaos Ypsilantis called a meeting of all the revolutionary  representatives of Greece after the liberation of Tripolitsa.   The result of the meeting between the revolutionary leaders was the formation of the first government of Greece  in the liberated territories.


Other Modern Greeks:

  • Rigas Feraios A national Greek hero and poet during the Ottoman occupation. He is considered the first martyr in the war for Greek independence!
  • Alexandros Ypsilantis A national Greek hero who died fighting for Greece's freedom far from Greece, but whose sacrifice helped to liberate it.
  • Paulos Melas A national Greek hero who fought for the preservation of Hellenism in Macedonia in the early 20th century.
  • Elefterios Venizelos Possibly the greatest Greek politician of the 20th century.  He was Prime Minister of Greece during the most trying of times.
  • Ioannes Capodistrias First Prime Minister and hero of modern Greece.  He managed to do the impossible by bringing a devastated country back into modern Europe in the shortest possible time!  
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