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This Week in World History


Dec 10th - Dec 16th

December 10th, 1520:  In direct confrontation with the papacy Martin Luther burns an edict demanding him to recant for his beliefs.  On the same day in history in 1817  Mississippi enters the US union becoming the 19th state, 1896: Alfred Nobel dies, this date is then chosen for the giving of the Nobel, 1996: In South Africa Nelson Mandela signs a racial equality law, officially ending inequality among the races. 

December 11th, 1817:   Indiana enters the US union becoming the 20th state. On the same day in history in 1936: King Edward VIII of England abdicates the throne of England, 1941: The Japanese imperial forces occupy Guam.

December 12th, 1452: The Catholic and Orthodox churches unite.  The union is an attempt to bring support by the west against the Ottoman Empire in the last days of the Byzantine Empire.  This is a union that occurs on the west's terms it is doomed to fail being considered a complete subjugation of the Orthodox people to the Catholic faith by many in the Clergy and the leity.  On the same day in history in 1800: Washington DC becomes the capital of the United States.

December 13th, 1903:  The first flight of the Wright Brothers at Kittyhawk. 

December 14th, 1819: Alabama enters the US union becoming the 22nd state.  On the same day in history in 1927: Iraq gains its' independence from Great Britain, 1503: One of the greatest astrologers of all time Nostradamus is born in France.

December 15th, 1791:  The bill of Rights is ratified in the United States. Also on this day in history: 1877: The phonograph is patented by Thomas Edison, 1966: The passing away of Walt Disney.

December 16th, 1431: King Henry VI of England is crowned as the King of France as well. 1689: After the "Glorious Revolution" England adopts the Bill of Rights,  1770: Beethoven is born in Germany. 1915: The great scientist Albert Einstein published his "Theory of Relativity", 1916: The Russian monk Rasputin is murdered by the aristocracy of Russia, 1944: Germany launches a surprise attack against the west with several hundred thousand troops and heavy armaments, the allies are completely taken by surprise in what will be known as "The battle of the Bulge".

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