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Greek Historic Events 


The Second Balkan War

Only a few days passed after the end of the First Balkan War before the victorious allied forces of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro began to quarrel.  The main cause of the Second Balkan War was the greediness of the Bulgarians.  The Bulgarians were unsatisfied with the peace deal, and believed they deserved more territory then what they had received.  They asked the other allies to secede some of their territory.  Most notably they asked from Greece the capital city of Macedonia "Thessalonica" and from Serbia "Monastir".

Naturally the stance of Bulgaria brought fear to the other members of the alliance as Bulgaria was very powerful.  It had established a very large and powerful army as a result of foreign assistance and clearly had an ability to fight all the other members on its own.  

Bulgaria's stance became more and more unreasonable and aggressive towards the other allies as the days went on.  The allies decided that it was time to act and Serbia, Greece and Montenegro met in a secret meeting.  At the secret meeting it was decided that their was no choice and a war would have to occur to secure the peace treaty.  In such, on 17th of June 1913 Serbia, Greece and Montenegro launched a massive coordinated surprise attack on Bulgaria.

The Greek army at this time had been strengthened considerably by volunteers from various countries outside Greece.  The Greek army rushed to face the Bulgarians with great heroism and courage.  Though Bulgaria fought side by side with the Greeks in the first Balkan War they clearly were not friends.  

The Greek soldiers were jubilant at the thought of fighting against the Bulgarians.  The hatred towards the Bulgarians was considerable on the Greek side as a result of thousands upon thousands of Greeks having been slaughtered by the Bulgarians in a futile attempt by the Bulgarians to change the "ethnic Greek" character of Macedonia only ten years earlier. The Greeks were ready to avenge the attempted genocide of their people in Macedonia at hands of  the Bulgarians only ten years earlier, see Paulos Melas.

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Directly Related:

Elefterios Venizelos Possibly the greatest Greek politician of the 20th century.  He was Prime Minister of Greece during the most trying of times.
Paulos Melas A national Greek hero who fought for the preservation of Hellenism in Macedonia in the early 20th century.


Other Greek Historic Events:  

  • Oxi "No" - Greece's response to an ultimatum by Italy  in the second world war which would have resulted in the subjugation of Greece to the Axis. Greece enters the war against the Axis powers.
  • Katoxi A sad time in modern Greek history when Greece was occupied by the Axis forces between 1941-1944.
  • Article on the Asia Minor Disaster (by the New York Times) A great disaster for Hellenism, the forced expulsion and murder of millions of Greeks in Turkey in the early 20th century.


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