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The ancient Greek God Helios:

In Greek Mythology Helios was the first Greek sun god, and preceded Apollo.  However, to ancient Greeks Apollo later became the accepted sun god.

Helios was the the son of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, his brother was Aurora.  Helios was believed to live in a glorious palace in the east.  He was said to arise from his splendid Palace in the morning and drive his chariot through the sky, only to return by a winged golden boat in the evening.

Although the god Apollo overshadowed Helios, he was worshiped in many places in the ancient Hellenic world.  Famous cities where temples to the ancient Greek god had been built included Argos, Corinth, and Rhodes among others.


Other Greek Gods:

  • The God Pan Learn about the famous Greek God Pan who was the god of woods and of pastures. 
  • The God Poseidon Learn about the famous Greek God Poseidon god of the sea, and the second to Zeus.
  • The Goddess Athena Learn about the famous Greek Goddess Athena Goddess of Wisdom and War.
  • Persephone Learn about the ancient Greek Goddess Persephone, and how the ancient Greeks believed that the seasons of the year were directly related to her! 
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