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Το Κρυφό Σχολειό

Εκεί η Ψυχή πικρότερα αγροικά τον πόνο της ςκλαβιάς της εκεί βλέπει  τι έχασε, τι έχει, τι της πρέπει.

Κι ανατριχιάζει ακούγοντας καθείς προφητικά τα λόγια του δασκάλου με μια φωνή βαριά;

Μη σκιάζεστε στο σκότη!  Η Λευτεριά σαν της αυγής το φεγγοβόλο αστέρι της νύχτας το ξημέρωμα θα φέρει

- Ι. Πολέμης.


Background to Poem:

A poem about the secret schools that preserved Hellenism during the cruel occupation of the Ottoman Turks.  During the first two hundred years of the occupation learning Greek was outlawed in the Ottoman Empire.  Greeks were thus forced to learn Greek in secret schools taught often by monks or priests.  For the preservation of the Greek language and culture  the Greek people owe a great deal to the Orthodox Church.

Directly Related:

Read a religious writing from St. Kosmas "The value of education" who was a leader in the fight for the education of the youth during the Ottoman Occupation.  He was a hero and martyr of the modern Greek nation. 


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