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The Young American Woman

A young American woman was about to marry a nice Greek Boy, so just before the wedding her mother took her aside to inform her about the facts of life:  I heard odd things about Greek men and their sexual preference, she tells her but you're not going to accept this.  If he tries anything funny with you, you come and tell me and i' ll deal with him.  So the young lady gets married, and they go onto their honeymoon.  A long time passes and all is well.  Four years later the young wife comes crying home to her mother and say's: Mother you were right about that.  He told me to turn around to the (Other door).  How dare he say that to you!  Who does he think you are! exclaimed the mother horrified.  I'll deal with him! So the mother goes and finds him and say's:  How dare you tell my daughter to turn around what have you got to say for your self?  Which he replied:  Well I thought it was about time we started a family.

Joke provided by: Gerald Sanders 


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