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Talking Parrot

A man walks by a pet store and sees a sign in the window which says, "Special talking parrot for sale $400.00."  The man decides that this  is an amazing deal and goes into the store and buys the parrot.  He takes the parrot home and the parrot starts to talk, but every other word is a swear word.  That same day  the man was going to throw a party for his friends, but did not know what to do because of the parrot.  The first guest to arrive was Bob so the man greeted him saying, "Hi Bob," to which the parrot replied, "Bob's an asshole, Bob's an asshole."  The man embarrassed apologized to his friend Bob, and explained to him that the he bought the parrot thinking that it was a good deal.  The man did not know what to do with the parrot, and fearing he would embarrass his other guests stuck him into the freezer.  The party went off without a hitch.  As the last guest was leaving the man heard some scratching coming from the freezer.  The man then remembered he had put the parrot in the freezer.  He took the parrot out and immediately noticed a change, he had stopped swearing.  The parrot then promised the man that he would never swear again, but had one question for the man, "Can you tell me what the chicken did?"


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