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The Greek people are a religious people with religion forming a part of their cultural essence.  This has always been the case, even in ancient Greece the populations were very religious creating shrines throughout Greece, Cyprus and anywhere they colonized to their Gods.  

In regards to respect of priests, it  is customary for Greeks upon seeing one to go up to them and  kiss their hands or even the cloth that they wear.  Priests were as  highly respected in ancient times as they are today.

However, just as in ancient times as today it was considered a bad omen to see a priest walking in the street.  Upon seeing one Greeks may spit three times into their shirt.  It was also considered bad luck to see a priest in the morning  if someone had a handkerchief they may tie it until the day ended.  In this manner any bad luck would be tied until a time when the chance of something happening would not be as likely.


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