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This Week in Greek Facts


The Sun Centered Universe

Who was the first to state that the Earth revolved around the Sun?

It was a Greek by the name of Aristarchus.  He lived on the island of Samos in the time period of 200 B.C.  His idea came down to us from a quote by the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes.

When Copernicus looked back at ancient writings, he supported the idea proposed by Aristarchus.  An idea of a sun centered solar system.  Unfortunately, Aristarchus is given little credit for his idea.


Other Greek Facts:  

  • The Naming of  Istanbul Have you ever wondered how Istanbul came to have its' name?
  • Greek Cooking Learn who created the first cook book and when it was created! 
  • Medicine Who is considered the Father of Medicine?
  • The Spider The Spider is a member of what family? How was this family named?  Quite Interesting!  
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