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This Week in Greek Facts



Have you ever wondered how the city of Istanbul got its' name?

The origin comes from the previous name of the city Constantinople, "The city of Constantine" and is a direct referral to that city in Greek.  The Greeks used to refer to the city of Constantinople as "I Poli", "The city", or in short "Poli". 

The name Istanbul originates from the Arabs hearing the Greeks say "Eis ten Polis", Greek "In the city" and the Arabs using that name for the city.  Eventually the Greek saying became the accepted name of the city, a direct referral to the original name! It became the official name of city by the Turkish government in the early 20th century.


Other Greek Facts:  

  • Greek Cooking Learn who created the first cook book and when it was created! 
  • Medicine Who is considered the Father of Medicine? 
  • The Sun Centered Universe Who was the Astronomer who was the first to state that the Earth revolved around the Sun, nearly two thousand years before Copernicus? 
  • The Spider The Spider is a member of what family? How was this family named?  Quite Interesting! 


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