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The Story of Mankind

Originally man lived in the depths of the dark caves of the earth and did not dare venture out. The gods of Olympus decided  to bring man out of the caves of the earth, into the light.  The gods asked Epimetheus the son of a Titan to grant mankind strength, weapons, and gifts which would allow them to live in the outside world.

The Gods of Olympus.

Epimetheus gave all the animals weapons (i.e. teeth, hooves etc), and arranged how they would live amongst one another.  Epimetheus did everything with wisdom which resulted in the creation of harmony and balance in nature.

Epimetheus was so occupied with the other animals that he forgot about mankind.  The end result was man was left without strength and means of defense.  Surely mankind would have died in the outside world if nothing was done to help them.  Mankind would clearly need to be defended by the gods, otherwise they would perish in this new world they were brought into.

The brother of Epimetheus, Prometheus felt pity for mankind and felt that they should not die for an action that was out of their hands.  Prometheus wished to make mankind resemble the gods and decided that he would do all he could to help them.

In the hands of the gods rested fire.  Prometheus stole from the gods some of this holy fire that belonged to them, and hid it in a hollow log.  He then brought this fire to mankind, which they used to survive.

The god Zeus was enraged at what Prometheus had done and punished him severely for it.  He tied Prometheus with large chains onto the side of the Caucasus mountains.  Every morning an eagle would appear and eat the liver of Prometheus which would grow back at night. Prometheus could not die as he was an immortal, and therefore was cursed by Zeus do undergo this torture forever. After many centuries his torment finally came to end when the hero Heracles (Hercules)  freed him.

Humanity prospered as a result of the kind action of Prometheus. Mankind managed to overcome all its' fears and progressed rapidly.  However, with the loss of fear also came a loss of virtue for mankind.  Mankind became disrespectful to the gods wicked and unlawful.  Zeus then decided that it had come time for man to be destroyed.

Zeus decided that it would not be just for all mankind to be destroyed but only the wicked.  He searched far and wide and found only two people that were virtuous.  These two virtuous people were Devkolionas the son of Prometheus and his wife Pira.  Zeus told Devkolionas to create an arc  and enter it with his wife, as soon he would enter the arc with his wife Zeus would create a flood which would destroy mankind.  When the arc was complete and Devkolionas and his wife entered, Zeus opened the gates of heaven and poured so much water that all the land became sea and all humanity except the two honest souls were destroyed.

Zeus in Fury

Nine days and nights the arc sailed above the water.  When the water subsided the arc came to rest on the great mountain of Parnassus.  Devkolionas and his wife then came out and gave glory and homage to the god Zeus for saving them.

Devkolionas and his wife quickly became depressed as they were the only two people alone in a very large world.  The god Zeus saw them in their loneliness and pitied them.  Zeus told them to collect as many rocks as possible, and to though them behind themselves as they walked.  When Devkolionas threw a rock it turned into a man, and when his wife threw a rock it turned into a woman.  In this manner a new generation of mankind was created.

Devkolionas and Pira had a child of their own by the name of  Ellina "Greek" and several other kids, mankind is said to have descended  from these children.


Other Greek Myths:

  Creation Myths:

  Other Myths:

  • Echo and Narcissus The story of the Nymph Echo, and unreturned love.
  • King Midas and the Golden Touch King Midas and how all the riches of the world could not satisfy him, until his greediness became his curse.
  • Oedipus and the Sphinx Oedipus defeats the riddle of the Sphinx yet in the end meets a tragic fate!
  • The Naming of Athens Read about the contest of two gods of Olympus for the naming of the city of Athens.
  • Persephone The beautiful daughter of Demeter, and how she became queen of the underworld.
  • Medusa the Gorgon Who was Medusa and her Gorgon sisters? Why were they so hideous? This is their story.
  • Pandora This is the little girl that the ancient Greeks believed released the plagues on our world.  How did she do it, and why?
  • Athena and Arachne Our favorite! How the spider was created out of a disrespectful pupil!
  • Thesseus and the Minotaur How Thesseus became a great hero by removing the curse of the Minotaur.
  • The Flight of Icarus King Minos ruled the land and the sea how could Deadalus escape with his son?  Through the air! 
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