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Zeus and Cronus

The god Cronus took as his wife the Titan Rhea after defeating his father Uranus and taking his throne away from him.  Cronus placed his throne on Orthri and governed the entire world from this mountain.

Cronus just like his father feared his children, he knew what he done to his father, see The Creation of the world, and feared that his children may do the same to him.  In such, every time Rhea would have a child  Cronus would swallow it.  In this manner Cronus swallowed many of the 12 future gods of Olympus, they were Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia, and Poseidon.

The Titan Cronus

Rhea grieved for her children and the fate that befallen them as a result of her fearful husband.  Rhea then decided that her next and last child she would hide from her husband.  When the day came when she was to bare a child she left secretly from her husband and went to the island of Crete.  In a cave on the island  of Crete far from Cronus's hands she bore her son and future king of the gods Zeus. 

Rhea then returned to her husband  bringing with her a rapped rock as a child.  Upon returning to her husband Cronus thinking that the rock was her child immediately swallowed it, and did not know the better that he in fact swallowed a rock.

The Nymphs had been placed guardians of Zeus by Rhea, and under their protection he quickly grew into a powerful god.  A goat know as Am althea would give Zeus milk, and the bees would bring him honey,  most of which they brought from Ambrosia the ends of the world, an eagle would bring Zeus nectar so he could drink.  In this manner Zeus grew quickly and became very powerful.

When Zeus had come of age and could challenge his father his grandmother Gaea gave him a herb which he could give his father Cronus.  Zeus then went to the mountain Orthri and gave his father the herb, Cronus then threw up all his children.  First he threw up the rock, and then one by one all the remaining five children.

Zeus ruler of the gods of Olympus.

Zeus and his brothers then decided that they would fight Cronus and topple him from power.  They went onto Mount Olympus and decided that this would be their home.  From Mount Olympus they would lead their fight against their father.  With the gods of Olympus went three Titans to offer their support.  Everybody else remained with Cronus, some out of fear, some out of support.

A war then started between the gods of Olympus and their father, "The War of the Titans" which lasted ten whole years.  Massive rocks would be thrown from one mountain to the other, and for ten whole years the earth was rattled by one earthquake after another.  In the end, Zeus won the war by striking his opponents down with his lightning bolts, and then throwing them on to the Tartarus Mountains.

As time passed Zeus had a falling out with his grandmother Gaea.  Gaea sent the giants against her grandson Zeus in "The War of the Giants", but just like the previous war they completely failed and were defeated by the gods of Olympus.  Zeus struck the Giants down with his  lightning bolts as he had done in the preceding war, and threw them as well on to the Tartarus Mountains. 

Zeus then became the unquestioned ruler of the Gods, ruling from Mount Olympus with his entourage of eleven more gods.


Other Greek Myths:

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  • The Naming of Athens Read about the contest of two gods of Olympus for the naming of the city of Athens.
  • Echo and Narcissus The story of the Nymph Echo, and unreturned love.
  • Thesseus and the Minotaur How Thesseus became a great hero by removing the curse of the Minotaur.
  • King Midas and the Golden Touch King Midas and how all the riches of the world could not satisfy him, until his greediness became his curse.
  • Medusa the Gorgon Who was Medusa and her Gorgon sisters? Why were they so hideous? This is their story.
  • Pandora This is the little girl that the ancient Greeks believed released the plagues on our world.  How did she do it, and why?
  • Athena and Arachne Our favorite! How the spider was created out of a disrespectful pupil!
  • The Flight of Icarus King Minos ruled the land and the sea how could Deadalus escape with his son?  Through the air! 
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