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The first woman to be created in ancient Greek myth was known as Pandora. Pandora was said to have been created by Hephaestus. Pandora's name meant all gifted and was attributed to all the gifts the gods bestowed upon her.  The gods gave her many gifts, the gift of music from Apollo, beauty from Aphrodite, and many others. 

Epimetheus her new found companion gladly accepted her, even though his brother had clearly warned him to be wary of any gifts received  from the god Zeus. 

Epimetheus had a large box in his house and in this box he held the plagues of the world. Epimetheus warned Pandora to never open the box,  but Pandora overcome with curiosity wished to know what the box contained.  One day Pandora  heard a voice beckoning her to look into the box, and on this day Pandora slipped of the lid  and took a peek. At that instant a multitude of plagues that had been trapped escaped and  befell on man gout, envy, spite, revenge and all that is disgusting in man.

Pandora letting out the plagues.

Pandora quickly realized her mistake and tried to place the lid back on the box, but alas it was too late..  However at the bottom of the box remained one last thing and that was hope. Hope than sprang out and joined the plagues in the world, to give us comfort in difficult times.  Regardless of what happens hope will always remain.


Other Greek Myths:

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  Other Myths:

  • Oedipus and the Sphinx Oedipus defeats the riddle of the Sphinx yet in the end meets a tragic fate!
  • The Naming of Athens Read about the contest of two gods of Olympus for the naming of the city of Athens.
  • Echo and Narcissus The story of the Nymph Echo, and unreturned love.
  • Persephone The beautiful daughter of Demeter, and how she became queen of the underworld.
  • King Midas and the Golden Touch King Midas and how all the riches of the world could not satisfy him, until his greediness became his curse.
  • Medusa the Gorgon Who was Medusa and her Gorgon sisters? Why were they so hideous? This is their story.
  • Athena and Arachne Our favorite! How the spider was created out of a disrespectful pupil!
  • Thesseus and the Minotaur How Thesseus became a great hero by removing the curse of the Minotaur.
  • The Flight of Icarus King Minos ruled the land and the sea how could Deadalus escape with his son?  Through the air! 
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