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The Childhood years of Hercules (cont'd)

Hercules approached one of the Sheppard's who seemed very sad.  Hercules then asked him, "Why do you seem so sad?"   The Sheppard then replied, "We so dearly love this mountain, but we have a very big problem.  Their is a lion that hides in the woods of this mountain, and every time it becomes hungry it eats one of our sheep.  We have tried to find the Lion and slay it but we have been unsuccessful."

Hercules decided that he would help the Sheppards and went off to kill the Lion.  Hercules went by a tree and chopped a tree branch down which he made it into a club.  He then waited by the path which the Lion was known to pass through so that he could kill it.

When the Lion appeared Hercules jumped before it and began to hit it across its' head trying to kill it.  The Lion was strong and fought very hard, if Hercules was not so bright he surely would have died.  When the Lion would attack, Hercules would guard himself from its blows, but the Lion in its anger did not guard from the blows of Hercules but would take them straight on.  Soon the Lion had had enough and turned its back to Hercules and tried to escape running away.  This was the Lions fatal error and Hercules running behind it pounced on it and hit it on its head and body until the large beast died.

Hercules then returned to the Sheppards who praised him for freeing them from the curse of the Lion, and his story was then told throughout Thebes.  Everyone then new that Hercules would have many more stories which would be told about him .. and they awaited them!


Other Ancient Heroes' Myths:


  • Hercules and the Serpents Hercules from and early age show his strength by slaying the snakes the goddess Hera sent to strangle him!
  • Hercules follows the path of Virtue In his early life Hercules was faced withed a question that plagued him, would he use his powers for good or evil?
  • Hercules goes to Delphi As a result of a curse from Hera Hercules commits an evil action.  Hercules  goes to Delphi to find out how he can remedy his sin only to end up in a duel with the god of the oracle  Apollo!
  • Hercules and the Nemean Lion Hercules shows courage by killing the Lion that plagued Nemea.
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