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Hercules follows the path of Virtue

Hercules quickly became the strongest child in all of Greece.  When he reached the age of eighteen he was faced with the greatest dilemma he had faced in his young life.  How would he use his strength?  Would he use his strength for good helping the weak and living a respectful life, or would he use his strength against the weak taking what is theirs and living a life of luxury at their expense.

One day Hercules went for a walk and came upon a path which split in two, one path went to the right and the other to the left.  One path was wide and beautiful in the entrance but then quickly became thinner leading to a horrid place, the other was thin but then became wide and led into a beautiful paradise. Hercules sat down in front of the two paths placing his head between his hands thinking of what he would do in his life.

Upon lifting his head Hercules saw two beautiful women.  One stood closer to Hercules and was dressed beautiful and had an arrogance about  her.  The other women stood further back and wore a poor outfit yet from her face shun humility and respect.

The woman who was adorned with arrogance spoke first and said, "Hercules you are the strongest man in the world take what you will in this world and live a life full of pleasure."  Hercules then asked the woman, "What is your name?".  The woman then replied, "My name is happiness, yet my enemies call me evil."

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Other Ancient Heroes' Myths:


  • Hercules and the Serpents Hercules from and early age show his strength by slaying the snakes the goddess Hera sent to strangle him!
  • The Child Hood Years of Hercules Learn about Hercules's education and how his childhood foretold a glorious future.
  • Hercules goes to Delphi As a result of a curse from Hera Hercules commits an evil action.  Hercules  goes to Delphi to find out how he can remedy his sin only to end up in a duel with the god of the oracle  Apollo!
  • Hercules and the Nemean Lion Hercules shows courage by killing the Lion that plagued Nemea.
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