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The Childhood years of Hercules

As Hercules grew day by day he became stronger and stronger.  As a child he never cried, in fact when two snakes had been sent to strangle him by Hera, he did not cry rather his brother cried in fear as Hercules grabbed the snakes and strangled them, see Hercules and the Serpents.

When Hercules was six years old his education began.  The education Hercules received consisted of many things and differed somewhat to modern education.  His education included the respecting of adults, the defending of the weak,  the love of ones nation, the love of one's gods, and the respecting of all life.  He also learned Arithmetic, Spelling, Reading and other formal education which forms the main stream of education systems throughout the world today.  However, foremost that he learned were values which consisted of respecting others in the same manner that you wish to be respected.

The older children carried out their schooling in natural surroundings.  Their the children learned how to take care of wounds with different herbs, to ride horseback, to ride a chariot, to shoot arrows, to fight with a sword and shield, and to hunt.  In such, they learned how to fend for themselves in the world of ancient Greece.

In such a school, Hercules later attended and he was an excellent student.  It is said that though he excelled in all his studies, there was one study which he did not do as well on which was music.  His teacher Lino wished for Hercules to learn the Lyre, however Hercules was deeply upset as his abilities in the physical arts were far greater than his musical ability.

One day when Hercules was only 18 years old he traveled up a mountain to try out his art of hunting.  On this mountain his father had his herd of sheep, as did many Sheppards.  As Hercules went up the mountain he saw many Sheppards tending their sheep.

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Other Ancient Heroes' Myths:


  • Hercules and the Serpents Hercules from and early age show his strength by slaying the snakes the goddess Hera sent to strangle him!
  • Hercules follows the path of Virtue In his early life Hercules was faced withed a question that plagued him, would he use his powers for good or evil?
  • Hercules goes to Delphi As a result of a curse from Hera Hercules commits an evil action.  Hercules  goes to Delphi to find out how he can remedy his sin only to end up in a duel with the god of the oracle  Apollo!
  • Hercules and the Nemean Lion Hercules shows courage by killing the Lion that plagued Nemea.
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