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Hercules goes to Delphi

Hercules actions were always noble and righteous, his character brought him much fame and respect throughout Greece.

When Hercules became a man he took for his wife a beautiful queen, and with her he had three children.  Hercules and his wife lived in pure happiness, and were the most loved couple in all of Greece.

However, it is unfortunate as is often the case that no matter how good of a person you are their will always be someone who will not like you for some reason.  The goddess Hera disliked her stepson Zeus with a passion and saw in him a bastard creation of an unholy union between her husband and a mortal woman.

Hera could not bear to see Hercules happy and threw a horrible curse on him.  She caused Hercules to lose all sense and to not know between what is righteous and what is evil.  In this manner Hercules would not know in what manner he was conducting his life.

In his insanity Hercules committed an evil action.  Hera was filled with happiness the righteous Hercules had committed an atrocious act, now was the time for him to be punished further!  Hera brought back Hercules sanity so that he may be aware of the action he committed.

Hercules could not bear what he did and he wept uncontrollably as a result of it.  He had lost all his will to live and death had entered into his heart.  Hercules would neither eat nor sleep and would wander the countryside as a zombie.

Hercules decided that he could not possibly live his life in this manner, he decided that he would find an answer through the Oracle at Delphi. The god Apollo in his eyes could give him an answer to the horrible problem that plagued him.

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