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Ancient Greeks


Aristotle (384-322 B.C)

Aristotle was one of the greatest thinkers of all time.  He has profoundly influenced western thought as we know it.  He was born in 384 B.C. after the Peloponnesian War ended in northern Greece in the town of  Stagira.

Aristotle along with being a philosopher carried out many roles in his lifetime which included that of educator of the young, and scientist.  Along with his teacher Plato he is considered to be one of the greatest ancient Greek Philosophers.

Aristotle joined Plato's Academy when he was only 17 years old, and remained for twenty years studying.  Plato considered Aristotle his most talented and intelligent student and bestowed upon him the title "The Reader".

Aristotle is considered to be the most well rounded and learned of the Greek philosophers, as he studied how Greek thought had developed in its' entirety.  Like Plato he would bring forth an Argument and summarize it, then criticize it, find faults with it, fix it, and then criticize it again.  He would follow this process in the development of thought.

Aristotle is well known as the teacher of Alexander the Great.  Aristotle's father was in the service of Amyntas II king of Macedon who was father of prince Philip.  Prince Philip was later to become king of Macedon and was the father of Alexander.  Knowing of Aristotle Philip asked him to educate his son.

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Other Ancient Greeks:


  • Socrates Famous ancient Greek Philosopher that was put to death as a result of his beliefs.
  • Epictetus Famous ancient Greek stoic Philosopher.
  • Plato Possibly the most famous ancient Greek Philosopher.
  • Hippocrates Considered the father of modern medicine. His oath is read till this day.  Take a look at his oath!
  • Phidias A great ancient Greek sculptor.  He designed the Parthenon, and created some of the most beautiful sculptures of the ancient world.  He is by far the most famous ancient Greek sculptor.

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