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Ancient Greeks


Phidias (493-430 B.C.)

Phidias was a very famous ancient Greek sculptor who lived during the "Golden Age of Athens".  During the period he lived in Athens it was the superpower of the ancient world.  This was the time when Athens along with the other Greek city-states defeated the powerful Persian empire.  A time when Athens became leader of a powerful alliance of ancient Greek city-states, formed with a common goal of defending their homeland.

It is said that civilization reached its greatest height during this era.  At no time has humanity progressed so rapidly as during the golden age of Athens, "The Age of Pericles".  A great portion of Greek civilization and what Greece attributed to western civilization occurred during this time period.

The powerful alliance that Athens ruled over was known as the Delian League.  Members of the alliance could contribute ships or tribute to the defense of the alliance.  Most of the members gave tribute.  Athens then used this tribute to build its' city to be the glory of the ancient world.

With the vast amount of money Athens collected Pericles the leader of Athens called on his friend Phidias to undertake a massive project.  The project was to create a monument to the glory of Athens.  A monument to the city of Athens that would be remembered for all time.

The great sculptor Phidias at work.

With several billion dollars in today's currency, and thousands of workers Phidias began to build the Parthenon.  In the end under Phidias's masterful direction many beautiful art works were created, art works that glorified the Athenian victory over Persia.  Even the masterful Phidias could not believe the glory he created.

Phidias was the creator of the Athena statue that resided in the Parthenon, the symbol of Athens.  He also created one of the seven wonders of the ancient world when he created the massive sculpture to Zeus at Olympia.


Other Ancient Greeks:


  • Socrates Famous ancient Greek Philosopher that was put to death as a result of his beliefs.
  • Epictetus Famous ancient Greek stoic Philosopher.
  • Plato Possibly the most famous ancient Greek Philosopher.
  • Aristotle Famous ancient Greek Philosopher, and teacher of Alexander the Great.
  • Hippocrates Considered the father of modern medicine. His oath is read till this day.  Take a look at his oath!

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