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Ancient Greeks


Socrates: (470-399 B.C.)

Socrates is certainly one of the most admired figures in history, and was born in the city of Athens in 470 B.C.  He was liked by many Athenians yet he was disliked by most. At the age of 70 he was convicted of atheism, treason and corruption of the youth of Athens, and was sentenced to death by poisoning.  Socrates heroically drank the poison surrounded by many followers. 

Plato a student of Socrates considered the murder of his teacher by the democracy of Athens a great crime against Philosophy.  Though Socrates wrote nothing of his own we know of his philosophies through playwrights,  historians, and other philosophers of his time.  

Socrates  led a noble life spending much of his time in the Agora (Marketplace) where he held conversations with the citizens of Athens.  He is most remembered for his strong moral beliefs, believing that people carry out evil out of ignorance and in essence are inherently good.

He taught his philosophy by questioning those who listened to him on the streets of Athens, and showed them that the answers they often had for questions were  insufficient.  He formed a very large following among the disillusioned youth of Athens, but the citizens of Athens in large mistrusted him as a result of his views on religion and his disregard of what others thought.

Socrates formed many enemies in the city of Athens as a result of his teachings.  His teachings were thought as destabilizing to the city of Athens, even though in heart they supported the foundations of its' democracy.  

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Other Ancient Greeks:


  • Plato Possibly the most famous ancient Greek Philosopher.
  • Epictetus Famous ancient Greek stoic Philosopher.
  • Phidias A great ancient Greek sculptor.  He designed the Parthenon, and created some of the most beautiful sculptures of the ancient world.  He is by far the most famous ancient Greek sculptor.
  • Aristotle Famous ancient Greek Philosopher, and teacher of Alexander the Great.
  • Hippocrates Considered the father of modern medicine. His oath is read till this day.  Take a look at his oath!

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