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Hercules and the Nemean Lion (cont'd)

Hercules then went out to kill the lion as his uncle had given him this task that he had to complete.  He entered the forest and soon before him appeared the vicious lion.  The lion began to growl and showed Hercules his fierce teeth, but Hercules was not afraid.  

Hercules attacked the lion throwing at it two arrows, but the skin of the lion was so thick that it did not even pierce its' hide! Hercules then ran to the lion before it could attack him and began to hit it across the head.  The lion became startled and ran away in fear into a cave, that had two entrances.

Hercules then ran to the other side of the cave and placed a large bolder in front of one entrance so that the lion could not escape.  He then entered the cave and all he could see was the piercing red eyes of the lion staring him down!

The lion attacked, but Hercules quickly struck hard at the lions head.  The lion then began to walk backwards dazed at the hard blow it had received, and tried to escape.  However, there would be no escape for the Lion, Hercules grabbed it by the throat and chocked it to death.

Hercules then skinned the lion, taking its' hide and wearing it.  He returned to Euristhea's palace wearing the hide of the lion, and all the people of Nemea could not believe the unbelievable  feat Hercules had accomplished. 

The people of Nemea proclaimed Hercules their hero as he had finally rid Nemea of the horrid beast. Upon seeing Hercules return his uncle was struck with such fear and awe  at what Hercules had accomplished that he jumped into a large earthen cask to avoid him!


Other Ancient Heroes' Myths:


  • Hercules and the Serpents Hercules from and early age show his strength by slaying the snakes the goddess Hera sent to strangle him!
  • The Child Hood Years of Hercules Learn about Hercules's education and how his childhood foretold a glorious future.
  • Hercules follows the path of Virtue In his early life Hercules was faced withed a question that plagued him, would he use his powers for good or evil?
  • Hercules goes to Delphi As a result of a curse from Hera Hercules commits an evil action.  Hercules  goes to Delphi to find out how he can remedy his sin only to end up in a duel with the god of the oracle  Apollo!
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