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Fools' Gold

Along time ago there lived a wise Sultan who had a kind heart and loved his subjects dearly whosoever they were.  The Sultan had an astrologer as a chief advisor who like him was wise and just. A day went by when the chief adviser read in the patterns of the stars that it would rain fools water, that so whoever drank from this water would become a fool.  All the people in the land he reasoned would become fools as a result of drinking of this water and would lose their reasoning not being able to tell truth from false hoods, justice from injustice.

When the Sultan realized this he ordered his advisor  to collect as much water as possible and store it for safe keeping.  The Sultan  would be able to rule with the help of the adviser with justice and wisdom, as they would use the stored water to  drink from  preventing them from making unwise actions that would otherwise occur  from having drank the "fools" water.

Then the day came when water poured from the sky and indeed it was "fools" water whosoever drank from it became a babbling fool not knowing right from wrong.   The Sultan and his advisor on the other hand drank from the water they had preserved leaving them with the  reasoning they had before. However, all had changed in the kingdom, quickly the people began to hate the wise Sultan for now his wise actions seemed unreasonable and full of errors to his foolish people.  So much did he lose favor with his people that he began to fear that he would lose his throne.

The sultan then thought, "What can I do where I will know I am just and still make the people happy?"  He still being wise realized that he and his advisor must drink from the fools water.  By drinking from the fools water his actions would be that of a fools and would appear wise to his people. The Sultan and the advisor than drank from the "fools" water turning themselves into fools. The people in the kingdom grew happy once again with their ruler as he had become a fool like them, and  they praised him for the new wisdom they believed he had found.

 Origin: Story brought over by the Greeks of Asia Minor: Turkey.


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