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The Kind Miller

Once upon a time when cars, trains, and other modern methods of transportation did not exist it was customary for people to walk long distances for many hours to get to their destination.  

One day there was a Peasant who decided to walk to the city from his' village.  This day was a very beautiful day and the sun radiated from above as the wind blew over the landscape of the earth.  The Peasant was very happy for he thought he had chosen the most beautiful day to venture out and visit the city.

The city was very far from the Peasants village and the Peasant walked for a great distance and became very tired.  From a far distance the Peasant saw a mill, and hoping that someone with a kind heart would accept him in for the night approached it.  At the mill lived a kind hearted Miller who heartily welcomed the Peasant and provided a great feast for his guest.

When the Peasant had finished his meal the kind Miller provided a bed for him to sleep.  However, before the Peasant lay down to rest he asked the kind Miller to wake him early in the morning, as there was still quite a distance before the Peasant would make it to the city.

The next morning the Miller woke up very early and he went to wake the peasant.  As the Miller approached the Peasant he realized that the Peasant wore a beautiful cap.  The Miller had a great sense of humor and decided that he would play a prank on the poor Peasant by switching his cap with the Peasants cap.  The Miller then woke the Peasant who thanked him for his kindness and happily went on his way.

On the road to the city the Peasant became very thirsty, by the road bank there was a small river from which the peasant decided to drink.  As the peasant bent down to drink he noticed something very strange, a man looked back at him smiling with the cap of the Miller.  The peasant became very angry and with very little brains said, "Look at this, the Miller woke himself up instead of me, now I must go back and tell the Miller to wake me up."

The brainless Peasant then walked all the way back to the Mill so that the Miller would wake him from his sleep!

Directly Related Sayings: 

Brains  If you do not have brains what do you have? 
Following the Route  When do you follow the route?  


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