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The Lion and the Fly

Once upon a time there was a lion who traversed the wilderness yelling very loudly so that all may here him and know their king was their.  With his constant yelling the other animals could not possibly sleep, but out of fear no one would say anything to the lion.

One day their was a fly that could no longer handle the constant yelling of the lion and it said to the lion, "Why do you yell in this manner do you not know that there are other animals sleeping, and that you wake us with this constant yelling that you do?"  The lion then became angry and said, "I am the king and I will do whatever I want."  

The fly then decided to teach the lion a lesson and flew into his nose.  The fly  then began to prick the lion and the lion could do nothing.  The lion blew its nose, jumped up and down, rubbed his nose into the ground, but try as he tried he could not remove the fly.  The more he tried to remove the fly the more the fly would prick his nose.

The fly then arrogantly asked the lion, "Do you accept now that you are not in fact a king, and cannot do all that you want to do".  The poor lion in agony said, "Yes, Yes, I accept this as a fact."  The fly then became arrogant and  flew high into the air as if it was a king.  Flying higher and higher it landed into a spider's web.  In the same manner the fly was punished for its' own arrogance of thinking it was a king.


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