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The Most Beautiful Child

Along time ago all the various birds had one teacher to teach all their children.  One day the children were being very bad and to punish them their teacher ordered them to fast.

The owl took some bread and went towards the school so that it may give its' child something to eat, and on its' way it met a partridge.  The partridge asked the owl, "Where are you going?"  "I'm taking some food to my child so that it may have something to eat," said the owl.  The partridge then told the owl, "Please take some bread from me and give it to my child so that it may not go hungry either."  The owl looked at the partridge and said, "I do not know your child, how will I recognize it?"  The partridge then said, "You will know my child when you see it as it is the most beautiful child."

The owl then went to the school and gave its' child some food to eat.  When the owl looked for the partridge's child it could not recognize it, as it could not find any child more beautiful then its' own.  The owl then returned to the partridge and said, "Take your bread as I can find no child more beautiful then my own."  No child is more beautiful then a mother's own child.


The Good Bee A tale about how a mother's curse should be feared, and her praise most wanted.


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