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The Fox and her Child:

Along time ago there lived deep in a forest a fox and her child.  On a cold winter's night the fox and her child ventured out to find something to eat.

Walking through the forest they fox and her child could find nothing to eat and the mother began to loose hope.  What would she feed her child she thought?  She feared that soon they would perish.  

The fox and her child walked on and on and finally at a far distance they could see a fire and slowly they creped towards it.  The mother was hesitant as she knew that it was people who had alit the fire and that could mean danger for her and her child.

Even in her fear the mother wished to play a prank on the child and from the far distance lifted her hands up to warm herself from the fire.  The child then looked at the mother and said, "Mother what are you doing?"  The mother replied, "I'm warming myself."  

A short while passed an the child then lifted its' hands as well copying the mother. The mother looking at her child asked, "What are you doing?"  to which the child replied "Warming myself". With its' actions the child showed that it was just as smart as its' mother if not smarter.  The mother then giggled realizing that her child had replied to her in kind.


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