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Andromeda was the princess of Ethiopia daughter to Cepheus and Cassiopeia.  Her mother was a foolish woman who would boast that she was more beautiful than the goddess Hera and the Nereids.

Poseidon was angered at the insult to his Nymphs and as a consequence sent the sea monster Cetus to ravage the Ethiopian coast. 

King Cepheus was horrified and consulted Ammon, the Oracle of Zeus.  The Oracle responded with words that were horrifying to any father, Poseidon could only be appeased by sacrificing his beautiful virgin daughter to the monster!

King Cepheus then had his daughter chained to a rock on the coast of Ethiopia as a sacrifice to the beast.  At this time the hero Perseus happened to be returning from slaying the Gorgon Medusa.  

Perseus with Medusa's head

Upon seeing the princesses the hero Perseus thought she was a statue, yet from seeing the light breeze stir her hair, and tears fall from her eyes realized that she was alive.  The hero fell in love, and as he flew above her with the winged sandals Hermes had given him  almost forgot to keep flapping his wings in the air! He called on the princess saying:

 "You should not be wearing such chains as these--the proper bonds for you are those which bind the hearts of fond lovers! Tell me your name, I pray, and the name of your country, and why you are in chains."  - Source Metamorphoses IV

The Princess was modest and stayed silent, she did not dare speak to a man, and could she, she would have hid her face.  Perseus persisted and the Princess gave in lest Perseus think that she did not speak as a result of a crime she committed.

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