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The Flight of Icarus (cont'd)

Soon Deadalus and Icarus flew high above the land and the people of Crete watched in amazement as they thought they were witnessing the flight of Gods.  On occasion Deadalus would look back towards his son making sure that all was fine with his son.  As they flew above the sea they came upon Samos and Delos to their left.  

Icarus became excited feeling the wind run through his hair and he began to beat his wings wildly which made him go higher and higher.  Deadalus yelled at his son, "Stop, you are going to high your wings will melt!"  Icarus was to far from his father and could hear nothing his father said, instead he beat his wings faster and faster going ever higher into the sky.  Deadalus tried to follow his son but alas his wings were far heavier and would not allow him to soar as high as his son.

The sun began to beat down on the wings of Icarus, and slowly they began to melt.  Icarus noticed the wings coming apart, but in his joy kept on beating the wings faster and faster bringing him ever further towards the sun.  Soon all the feathers had fallen from the wings of Icarus and the boy plunged down into the Aegean Sea.  

Deadalus looked for his son but could see him nowhere.  He then looked down at the sea and his heart broke as he saw the feathers of his son's wings floating on the sea.  Deadalus dove towards the sea snatching his son's body out of the water but alas it was to late.  Deadalus carried the body of his son as both their feet dragged on the sea below, as a result of the great weight now placed on his wings by the two bodies they now supported.  Deadalus took the body of his son and buried it on an island called Icaria in his son's memory.

Deadalus then flew for one last time to the island of Sicily.  In Sicily he made a temple to the God Apollo, and in the temple he hung the wings as an offering to the god never to fly again.



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