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Heresies - Wolves trying to appear as Lambs.
- Saint Kyrillou of Jerusalem.

"Evil mimics virtue just as weeds taking the appearance of wheat try to force themselves in appearing like wheat.  However, those who know the difference will know what is wheat and what is weed no matter how similar they may appear.  Even the devil takes the form of an angel of light.  He does this not so that he may return to his previous position, (in the same manner that an anvil is unyielding the devil's will is unyielding in his decision.), but to cover those who live an angelic life with darkness and the infection of disbelief.  There are many wolves that roam around us taking the appearance of a lamb, yet they have both claws and teeth.  Even if they have the appearance of a lamb and in their outward appearance appear innocent,  they outpour from their teeth the catastrophic poison of sin.  It is therefore needed to have God's grace and a clear mind with eyes that can see clearly, so that we may not eat weeds out of ignorance and think that we are in fact eating wheat.  We should not be mislead thinking that a wolf is in fact a lamb, and then become its' prey, nor should we imagine that the angel that brings destruction, that is the devil, as a virtuous angel letting him swallow us whole.  The bible tells us that the devil walks around as a lion yelling loudly  seeking persons to swallow.  This is the reason why the church leads us, this why their exists these teachings, and why the passages of the bible are read."

- Taken from St. Kyrillou - Ending passage of of the 4th catechism of the enlightened.


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