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The Independence of Man. - Saint John Chrisostomos.

"Noah showed in his life perfect virtue, such that he found favor with God and only he and a few with him were saved,  yet everybody else was guilty and was  punished.  From this event you see that our lord created us with independence.  The others ran towards sin and became guilty and they were  punished, yet Noah was not punished, because he desired virtue and he did not associate with them.

It is not obvious that this occurred because each one of us decides what is evil and what is virtue with our own free will.  If we did not have the freedom to choose, then those who were punished at that time should not have been, nor those who were virtuous should have been saved.  

God's grace comes from above letting each one of us have freedom of choice, and this is why those who choose to sin await punishment, and those who are virtuous will be rewarded. "

- Taken from St. John's 22nd Speech. -


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