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Towards becoming like God. - Saint Gregory Nissis.

"The aim of a virtuous life is to be totally happy.  As anything that is achieved with eagerness aims certainly at something.  Medicine works towards making a person well, the farmer to create the means that which we live with, and in the same manner the acquisition of virtue foresees a person becoming happy who has it as their driver.. Because If I ask someone what is happiness, they would not fall far away from the answer if they followed the words of St. Paul, who said that happiness .. is above what is worldly.  The level of human happiness, in life and in conception, is the connection to the true essence, and this is the nature of God, in which we take part in.  Therefore this presupposes that acquiring  total happiness a human being must involve themselves in becoming like God."

- Taken from St. Gregory's book - An Inscription of the Psalms. -


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