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Devotion towards Christian Belief. -The Martyr and Philosopher Justin.

"It is obvious that there exists no one that can traumatize us and enslave us, when there are so many in the world that  have believed in Christ.  Although certainly we get are heads chopped off, put to the cross, thrown to the lions, put in prison, burned alive and all the other tortures, it is obvious that we do not end our strong proclamation of our belief.   Even more atrocities occur, and what happens with the help of Christ  is even more people becoming believers and god respectful.  Just like cutting a section of a grapevine that has borne fruit, brings forth other vines that are just as blooming and fruitful as previously the same occurs with us.  The vines in the grapevine are like us as the garden that our God Christ has planted is his people. "


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